Before purchasing a Window Genie franchise, Stegman spent 21 years in the casino and gaming industry. Looking to move onto something more family friendly, that would give him a better work-life balance, Stegman sought the help of a franchise consultant. Together they were able to determine what his strengths, weaknesses, goals and interests were. Stegman says the lifestyle aspect of owning a mobile business such as Window Genie appealed to him because, “the gaming industry is very fast paced, you’re working nights, weekends and holidays. I’m hoping there’s no windows to clean on Super Bowl Sunday. Transitioning into a whole new career, it was just the perfect time for me.”

Stegman is excited to offer multiple services to his community, improving the look and value of homes and small businesses in the area. “Multiple services means multiple revenue streams,” Stegman said. “We’re excited to get open, start earning customers and continue to build and grow the business.”

Window Genie
Author: Window Genie

Richard “Rik” Nonelle, our Founder and President, established Window Genie as a way to offer households better, more reliable exterior home cleaning and maintenance services. Over the last 25+ years, Window Genie has grown to become the country’s largest residentially focused window cleaning service brand.