Window Genie franchise owners earn more revenue when they ‘clean windows and a whole lot more’

Rolland Williams of Franklin, Tenn., has gotten a lot of business for his Window Genie franchise by saying, “Yep, we can do that.”

“For example,” he says, “some guy called and said, ‘Do you guys clean canvas awnings?’ I had never cleaned canvas awnings before, but I said, ‘Yep, we can do it,’ and we did it. It was less than $100, but he also had us clean his windows, pressure wash his driveway, seal his driveway and clean and pressure wash his fence. That $79 job turned into a $1,700 job.”

Window Genie is, at its heart, is a residential window cleaning business, but we knew early on that offering a variety of home preservation and maintenance services was the way to go. As Rolland found out when he started his franchise in 2013, when you do a great job for a customer, they frequently ask for quotes on all those other little things that need doing around the house.

Multiple revenue streams make the difference.

For franchise owners, the multiple revenue streams make a lot of difference. They allow Window Genie to be flexible enough to adapt as the market demands, without straying far from our values and mission. At Window Genie, we offer many different services:

  • Window cleaning
  • Pressure washing
  • Window tinting
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Holiday lighting

Under each of the core services, we can do a variety of other jobs, which helps our franchise owners find a variety of ways to earn more money. And even when something is a little off-list — like those canvas awnings — our entrepreneurial culture encourages franchise owners to say “yes” more often. Our franchise owners perform services as diverse as gutter cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and even snow blowing in some areas.

A variety of ways to earn more money

Window Genie concentrates on our core services, and we want our franchise owners to feel a sense of independence and autonomy when making local decisions. At Window Genie, we work with our franchise owners to create localized marketing plans based on their territories’ individual and regional demographics. Within that framework, every franchise owner knows that they are responsible for their own destiny.

“It affects your revenues dramatically,” says Ken Fisk, Director of Technical Services. “The more you can cross-sell and up-sell services, the more revenue you’ll get and the faster your sales will grow.”

Offering additional services adds to your bottom line and satisfies customers. That keeps them coming back season after season, year after year. And that’s something that’s hard to put a price on.

Finding and filling customer needs was why founder and President Rik Nonelle branched out from just cleaning windows to adding other services. Rik learned soon after starting the business that when people found out what a good job Window Genie did on their windows, they would inevitably ask, “What else do you do?” Soon, Window Genie owners were able to answer with our trademark motto: “We clean windows and a whole lot more!”


Whether you’re looking for a new business venture or you’d like to convert your current window cleaning business to a Window Genie, we have window cleaning franchise opportunities for you to explore.

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