Window Genie franchise owners get everything they need to start their own business

On the surface, you wouldn’t think you’d need much more than a bucket, a squeegee and some soap to get going in the window cleaning business. That’s right. Franchise owners don’t need Window Genie for those things.

Franchise owners count on Window Genie to craft a system for creating a long term sustainable business which makes money cleaning windows. The genius is in the scalable marketing and operating systems, not in the soap and water.

You won’t have to buy a warehouse full of equipment or keep a lot of inventory on hand. While ours is a simple business model, building a successful business requires great systems and marketing strategies.

Surge Into Business Ownership

Franchise with a Leading Brand in Residential Window Cleaning.

Step by step assistance to open your franchise

From the beginning, the Window Genie staff will walk you through every step you need to take to open your own franchise. You’ll get ongoing support once you open, including a tailor-made, individualized marketing plan designed to be effective in your community.

We’ll also help you establish your own digital and direct-mail marketing campaigns, explain how to increase your business through referrals and guide you through the art of promotions.

How the Geniemobile helps you grow your business

The most important way to promote your business may surprise you: It’s the vehicle you’ll use to store everything in. We take vans and custom-wrap them with the distinctive Window Genie mascot and purple lightning. We call this custom van a Geniemobile, and it’s one of our most successful marketing strategies. We get customers from simply driving around town. Most cleaning companies use blue or green in their branding colors, but our signature purple genie and lightning make a big — and unforgettable — statement.

In addition to the Geniemobile, franchise owners invest in a $26,000 start-up package that includes:

  • Enough window cleaning equipment for two technicians
  • Ladders and ladder racks for the Geniemobile
  • Squeegees, scrapers, buckets, lead levelers and towels
  • Pressure washing equipment
  • Window Genie Glass Cleaner for promotion and resale
  • Proprietary BPro CRM/POS mobile software system
  • Instructive training videos
  • Discounts on equipment and supplies
  • National product and equipment affiliations
  • Complete business management training at our corporate office in Cincinnati, OH
  • Grand opening training training for your service professionals in the field by one of our corporate trainers
  • Custom marketing materials and advertising programs, as well as publicity and PR assistance

Additional franchise owner support

Franchise owners also get ongoing field support from Window Genie, as well as inclusion in weekly conference calls with other franchise owners. Every franchise owner can rest assured that their investment also includes protected territory. If you’re awarded two 50,000-household territories, they’re yours; you don’t have to worry about three or four more Window Genie franchise owners opening up shop in your territories.


Whether you’re looking for a new business venture or you’d like to convert your current window cleaning business to a Window Genie, we have window cleaning franchise opportunities for you to explore.

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