How to Start a Window Cleaning Business that Stands Out

When you join the Window Genie family, you’re doing so much more than starting a window cleaning service. You’re starting an exciting journey of owning a business with diversified exterior home services, a fun and well-known brand, and a phenomenal support network.

We recognize this is not only an important professional decision for you but also a personal one. That’s why Window Genie provides guidance every step of the way, from pre-investment to the day you retire from franchise ownership. Below, learn more about why and how to buy a franchise in the Window Genie system.

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Mike Angle of Window Genie Indy holds a picture of his franchise's recent completed work on a home.

And the award for the most creative picture of the day goes to Window Genie Indy! Mike and Karen Angle and their team performed a complete pressure wash of the property, the house, decks, concrete and patios. They also cleaned every window and installed film on some. This job took over 52 hours to complete! This was for one of our system-wide contests for “biggest job of the month.”

Resources for Stability and Independence

Wondering how to start a window cleaning business, offer additional exterior home services, edge out competitors, and still find time for a life? Window Genie makes it possible to achieve this difficult combination of goals—whether you pursue a startup, purchase an existing Window Genie location, or convert a business you already own.

Here’s how going with Window Genie is different from going it alone:

When starting a window cleaning business as a sole proprietor, you start with no brand recognition and many to-dos: market research for your business plan, networking, marketing, technology purchases, and more. With so many tasks on your list, it starts to feel like your business runs you—maybe even before you get off the ground.

When you choose a Window Genie franchise instead, you start with a tried-and-true business model and a recognized brand. You have connections with the right vendors, digital-focused marketing strategies, and other support that frees up your time. It’s a unique chance for work-life balance. See more ways our franchise is unique, or connect with us today.


Step-by-Step: How to Buy a Franchise in the Window Genie System

1. Talk to a franchise advisor.

As you consider a startup opportunity, an existing Window Genie for sale, or converting your current business to a Window Genie, we can answer your questions about our company and how to buy a franchise. Topics at this stage often include financing options and desired territory.

2. Visit the Window Genie corporate office for Meet the Team Day.

You can meet the corporate office team in Cincinnati, Ohio. Plus, you can talk to as many current Window Genie franchise owners as you’d like to by phone or web meeting—getting to know our company from their inside perspective.

3. Finalize your investment.

Before you make your decision, we will address all your questions about life with Window Genie and how 25+ years in the business have helped us pave your path to success. After your franchise ownership is official, you receive a startup checklist that explains tasks such as obtaining your tax ID and getting any special state licensing for starting a window cleaning service or offering the other services Window Genie is known for (pressure washing, gutter cleaning, window tinting, etc.).

4. Attend Sure Start training.

New franchise owners attend a Sure Start training program to make sure the startup process is comfortable. You learn about pricing, software, marketing, communications, and many other aspects of managing your business. You can also sign up for monthly training sessions from our Cincinnati office.

5. Get ready for your grand opening.

You hire your first lead service professionals before opening your doors, and one of our corporate trainers spends a week at your location for the grand opening. We make sure you are trained to effectively sell, perform, and follow up on services. We help you order all the equipment you need. We do everything we can to help you ensure your grand opening goes smoothly.


Connect with Window Genie

If you think a Window Genie franchise could be the right opportunity, we’d love to hear from you, and we thank you for considering us.

Fill out our form or call (800) 700-0022 today to get in touch with a Window Genie franchise advisor.