It takes a lot of guts to just start over… especially when you’re in your 50s! Meet Mike Padjen, owner of Window Genie in Greensboro NC. He did just that. Read on to learn about his journey to business ownership, why and HOW he chose to tackle this longtime dream of his…

Before purchasing a Window Genie franchise, Padjen served as the VP of Operations for a hospitality furniture company, a role that required heavy travel. He said, “The way our industry was evolving, if I wanted to keep my job I had to go offshore with it. I spent the majority of my career on the road; I took 54 trips to Asia and for a few years there, spent nine months out of the year overseas away from family. I saw the world, was able to support my family and really enjoyed my job, but last year decided I’d finally had enough.”

Inspired by his father who had successfully started a business in his 50’s, Padjen dove head first into the next phase of his life with no doubts. He said, “I saw how my dad was able to have a second career later in life, so it had always been in the back of my mind that I might one day go into business myself. I know it won’t be easy but I’m used to being busy, working long hours and committing to my role, so I feel prepared for what it takes to be a business owner. The Window Genie corporate team’s genuine dedication to my individual success is why I chose to partner with them. It’s exciting to know I’m done making money for someone else, I am my own boss now. From now on, travel is for pleasure, not business.”

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, about one in every 10 Americans is self-employed, that equals about 14.6 million people in the U.S. After working with a franchise coach who produced multiple franchise opportunities based on Padjen’s goals, interests, strengths and weaknesses, Window Genie was just one of many great fits for Padjen. “What surprises some is that my business doesn’t relate at all to what I did previously, but that was by design. I wanted new experiences and challenges in learning an entire new business and having a different career. It sort of gives me the same butterflies as I had when I took my first job out of college.”


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Richard “Rik” Nonelle, our Founder and President, established Window Genie as a way to offer households better, more reliable exterior home cleaning and maintenance services. Over the last 25+ years, Window Genie has grown to become the country’s largest residentially focused window cleaning service brand.