Windows 4 Wishes program

Window Genie franchise owners show they care with local charities

Founder & President Rik Nonelle always envisioned that Window Genie would be a company that would pay it forward. In a world where so many corporations have earned a reputation for being ruthless, we’re especially proud of how our franchisees have embraced our Windows 4 Wishes program.

Through Windows 4 Wishes, we encourage our Window Genie franchise partners to contribute to their favorite causes in their communities across the nation. These contributions help us establish meaningful bonds with our customers and broadcast who we are and what we care about as business owners. There is no one “corporate-sanctioned” charity. Instead, franchise owners are urged to find the causes they are most passionate about in their hometowns.

“There’s more to business than just making money,” says Rik. “We believe it’s important to uplift our communities, to appreciate what we’ve been given and to pay it forward. We believe customers are excited to support a local small business that gives back to a community they share.”

One of the top participants in our Windows 4 Wishes program is Peter Cogan, who owns the Window Genie franchise in Charlotte, NC. Not only does he provide free window cleanings to veterans, he asks people in the community to refer more veterans to his business so they can take advantage of his offer. He also hires veterans as window technicians. Peter feels it’s important to show his gratitude to those who have served our country in the armed forces.

“This is a unique way my crew and I are able to give something back to the men and women who have sacrificed so much for others,” Peter says.

Peter and his team also have contributed money to local charities, sponsored local sports teams and partnered with local businesses to raise money for local schools.

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Sharing their success

Giving back and being an active presence in the community has been a priority for Rik as he has developed and grown the company over the past 20 years. He wanted to establish a culture where franchise partners could give back to their communities in a way that was significant to them and to their customers.

Dozens of Window Genie owners have contributed to causes in their communities, whether stocking a local food pantry, helping a family in need, raising money for Shriners hospitals or rounding up Window Genie volunteer teams to fix up a lower-income neighborhood.

We’re proud of our tradition of giving. Here are a few examples of some of the good causes our franchise has helped promote:

  • Every Monday, Window Genie franchisee Mike Boone calls Holly Springs Food Cupboard to see if they’re running low on anything. If they are, he spreads the word through his customer network and has his field technicians deliver any resulting donations.
  • Bill Kavanaugh and his team at Window Genie North Atlanta asked customers to schedule their annual appointments during a two-month period and donated 5% of window cleaning sales to help the family of a 6-year-old girl fighting leukemia.
  • Angie and Rolland Williams of Franklin, TN, drove their Geniemobile as the pace car in the “Franklin for the Cure” fundraising 5K for a local children’s hospital. In addition, they gathered a team of 25 people who ran the race in their Window Genie gear, and they set up a sponsor tent.
  • The corporate staff at Window Genie headquarters in Cincinnati supports a number of local charities and causes, including the Pink Ribbon Girls, a breast cancer support group in Cincinnati that offers services to women and their families as they battle breast cancer.

We believe this program contributes to our ability to focus on being the most professional, customer-oriented service business with the strongest brand in the market today.

  • fight against breast cancer

    Fight against breast cancer

    Window Genie had special shirts made to as part of our corporate support of the fight against breast cancer. That’s one of many worthy causes we contribute to as part of our Windows 4 Wishes program.

  • Support Veterans

    Raphael D’Ausilio, left, was the first veteran in Charlotte, NC, to receive a free window cleaning from franchisee Peter Cogan.

  • Elbert “Ickey” Woods

    Jovante Woods Foundation

    Window Genie Founder & President Rik Nonelle, right, and former Cincinnati Bengals player Elbert “Ickey” Woods do the Ickey Shuffle. Window Genie supports the Jovante Woods Foundation, named for Ickey’s son, who died from an asthma attack in 2010.

Meaningful Cause

The community gives back

Like Peter Cogan, Window Genie franchisee Daryl Darby of Melbourne, FL, and his team believe in finding ways to thank our nation’s veterans, and they often donate their services to local vets. Although they have never expected anything in return, their charitable efforts have led to more business.

When Daryl and his team cleaned windows free for a veteran who is now blind, the man’s family was so impressed that they ended up booking a large window film job. He also donated a cleaning to Joanne Rein, a veteran who served in Desert Storm. She mentioned Daryl’s good deed in her community newsletter, and as a result he got nearly 20 calls from the woman’s neighbors asking about Window Genie services.

Whether it’s veterans, the environment, animals, education, children, disease awareness or otherwise, we know our franchise partners feel connected to causes for personal reasons. We do not feel we should dictate to whom they give or how they give, we just want to encourage them to use their business to give back to those around them.

  • Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital

    Angie and Rolland Williams’ Geniemobile was the pace car for a Franklin, TN, 5K to benefit Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt, part of Window Genie’s Windows 4 Wishes program.

  • Helping Veterans

    Desert Storm veteran Joanne was so pleased about getting free window cleaning from franchisee Daryl Darby, she shared her good fortune in a newsletter — leading to more business for Daryl.

  • Donated Services

    Pictured from left are technician Chace Cochrane, franchisee Daryl Darby, veteran Terry Johnson and technician Troy Powell. Daryl and his team donated window cleaning services to Terry in Melbourne, FL.


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