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Step into our home office in Cincinnati, Ohio, and you don’t have to walk far before you get a really good idea of what our culture is. The spacious, one-level building includes contemporary workspaces, training facilities and a warehouse. This is our base of operations as we support our ever-growing network of franchise owners.

It isn’t stuffy; walk into our training room and you’ll see a game room with an arcade golf game, dartboards, a pool table and Ping-Pong table. We have family-style group lunches in our break room almost daily, where we talk about everything from our latest strategies to what people are planning for the weekend or with their hobbies. Drop in during lunch and chances are you’ll join us.

We bring our dogs to the office, and we know how to have a good time. That doesn’t mean we don’t work hard. It does mean, however, that our founder, Rik Nonelle, understands the importance of work-life balance.

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Importance of work-life balance

“All of us appreciate doing a good job,” says Sure Start Coordinator Debbie Owens, who has worked for Rik since 1996. “We’re very much loyal to Window Genie, and we’re very protective of it. Our culture speaks of working hard and playing hard. We have a lot of fun here, but we work very hard. Rik is such a great person to work for, and he has such an appreciation of the importance of work-life balance.”

Ken Fisk, Director of Technical Services, concurs.

“We don’t spend a lot; we’ve been in the black forever,” Ken notes. “It is very fun. Rik is the best guy I’ve ever worked for.”

Part of the reason for that, Ken adds, is Rik’s emphasis on mutual respect. “If we have respect for everybody — for ourselves, for our customers, for our franchisees and for each other — that breeds success. At the end of the day, that’s how we live and how we run our business. We believe in integrity, honesty, fun and hard work. We try to do things right,” Ken says.

An entrepreneurial culture focused on growth

Rik set out to create an entrepreneurial culture that was fun to work hard in, that promoted work-life balance and was free from nagging micro-managers.

What’s the point of being your own boss if you work 80-hour weeks? Rik intentionally moved away from a formally structured corporate workplace when he started this company in 1994, and he knew he didn’t want an all-work, no-play kind of company.

What he wanted to create was an environment where people would enjoy coming to work. He wanted a franchise from the start, so he systemized everything. Window Genie gives franchisees the systems they need to succeed and also the ongoing training and support to stay focused on growth.

“I’m in business for myself, not by myself,” says Jason Hatch, a Window Genie franchisee in Des Moines, Iowa. “I’ve got a lot of close friends in the Window Genie family, and I do consider it a family. If I’m having a down day, I can call them and they’ll say, ‘Here, try this or try this.’”

Established franchisees like Jason can schedule their jobs to accommodate work-life balance. The Window Genie business model is set up so you don’t have to work nights and weekends for the rest of your life. Investors can establish a franchise in which they’re working 9-5, giving them time to go to their kids’ ball games and dance recitals. We want Window Genie owners to have the opportunity to build a business as large as they want while still having time outside of the business to enjoy their families, their communities and their hobbies.

“If I want to work 16 hours a day, I work 16 hours a day. If I want to work seven hours a day, I can work seven and still be successful,” says Dragan Malesevic, a new franchisee and father of two in Jacksonville, Fla. When he’s not busy building his new Window Genie business, Dragan enjoys the beach, fishing and playing traditional Bosnian music with his band.

Ultimately, a Window Genie franchise should afford you the opportunity to create the kind of life you’ve always wanted. You can build your own business empire but still set your own hours.

We want all our franchisees to be a great fit for our culture.
Finding the right fit when looking for a franchise system should be high on your priority list if you are going invest your money. If you want a rewarding personal life in addition to a dynamic business, Window Genie might just be the fit you are looking for.


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