With sector expected to grow, Window Genie is a good hedge against recession

Cleaning-related businesses make up a large portion of service franchises. Start researching or reading about franchise ownership, and you are sure to come across an article explaining the reasons why cleaning businesses are so popular.

Everything needs to be cleaned, and nobody really likes cleaning. Nobody. Estimates for the total spent on cleaning are in excess of $40 billion a year in the US. It’s big business.

Cleaning also is something that needs to be done on a regular basis, so cleaning companies have lots of repeat, long-term customers. In general, businesses with such long-term customers and residual income are valued higher, making a cleaning franchise potentially worth more and easier to sell.

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Everything needs to be cleaned

Within the cleaning industry, there is fierce competition. More than 50 franchise brands offer office cleaning, home cleaning or carpet cleaning. About the only segment of the popular cleaning industry that isn’t crowded with franchise systems is residential window cleaning. That’s where we shine!

Windows, decks, gutters and sidewalks get dirty no matter what the economy does. People who value a clean home continue to spend on maintaining and caring for their largest investment. Because of this, window cleaning can be a highly recession-resistant business.

The real estate bubble subdued a lot of related industries, but not ours. People are living in their homes longer, and that means they’ve become much more aware of the ongoing need for regular window cleaning, pressure washing and other services that help preserve and maintain the value of a home.

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A Healthy and Growing Industry

A Healthy and growing industry

Home Cleaning Services is a recession-resistant industry that can’t be outsourced overseas and won’t fall victim to automation.

  • 61% of American families have both parents employed
    With both parents working, families have less time at
    home to manage basic maintenance.
  • $74 billion projected industry value by 2022
    Homeowners are increasingly wiping their
    schedules clean of house work.
More time for everyone

More time for everyone

The window cleaning, window tinting and pressure washing industry offers other advantages. Unlike commercial janitorial and carpet cleaning franchises that require evening and weekend work, residential cleaning is typically performed Monday through Friday, 9 to 5. A set weekday schedule gives franchisees more time to spend with their families and pursue their hobbies.

Customers also value their free time, which benefits Window Genie franchise owners. Here’s what FranchiseSolutions.com had to say about the trend:

“American society today: More single parents, more families with two working parents, longer work days, more toys to play with in our free time. What does this all mean? It means we no longer have time to cook, clean, take care of our lawns or care for our older family members. It also means the home services industry is needed more than ever before.”

We find customers in unexpected places

Who actually needs their windows cleaned? We’re glad you asked. In addition to affluent, two-income households, we frequently provide services to those focused on residential maintenance.

  • Elderly homeowners who need a hand to safely maintain their homes

  • Maid services who lack the equipment to reach exterior windows

  • Realtors and property managers looking to boost curb appeal

  • Glass shops that need cleanings after installations and new-build home construction sites

We find customers in unexpected places


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