Everyone who owns a business dreams of the day that they can run efficiently enough to make a schedule based around their family. What’s the point of being your own boss if you can’t enjoy life?  Rik Nonelle started Window Genie in 1994 with the desire to have a lifestyle business. He was 29 years old and already tired of “working for the man.” He started Window Genie as a small local window cleaning business in Cincinnati serving a few neighborhoods… but he always had franchising in mind. He wanted to share the opportunity with other entrepreneurs with a similar dream of being their own boss, so he developed Window Genie as a simple business that was easily duplicated and translated well into other markets.

Todd and Kelley Dvorak opened their Window Genie in Dallas Texas in 2013 because it seemed like a perfect fit. “After a thorough, mutually beneficial vetting process, we were convinced that Window Genie would be the best franchise with whom to create a lasting partnership.” said Todd.

Todd has a variety of experience in the business world. He cut his teeth in the automobile industry, working for the same company for 20 years. Kelley was an executive in the sales and marketing field. Together, they desired a new path.  Todd said, “We had been talking for quite a while about our long-term goals and how we would be able to achieve them. So, having control over our earning potential and being our own ‘bosses’ were definitely the most attractive considerations when deciding to invest in the franchise.”

They were looking at several franchise options when Widow Genie regional developer Phil Cansler contacted them about starting a Window Genie franchise. Todd and Kelley chose Window Genie for a number of reasons. From a growth and sustainability standpoint, Window Genie offers multiple services which means multiple revenue streams year-round. Also, Window Genie offers an extensive franchisee training program and on-going support. With over 20 years in existence, the model is a proven standard in franchising.

In their first two years in business, Todd and Kelley embraced some of the classic Window Genie initiatives like Windows 4 Wishes. They became involved with Boston Terriers Rescue of North Dallas, donating proceeds from every invoice to support the efforts to rescue and find forever homes for Boston terriers in North Texas. “It’s an organization near and dear to our family because we adopted our Chester from the rescue center 5 years ago,” said Kelley. “We recognize the value of working and aligning with a worthy cause such as BTRNT.”  Windows 4 Wishes is an important part of Window Genie’s success. Giving back to the communities we service is a significant part of the Window Genie culture.

Todd and Kelley Dvorak are an awesome team that continues to utilize their unique skill set just like other successful husband and wife combos like Bill and Melinda Gates, Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, and John Lennon and Yoko Ono…Ok maybe not that last one. But together they have overcome some of the basic struggles that can sink some business faster than the Titanic. “As with starting any brand new business venture, we have experienced the typical challenges of starting a new business,” said Kelley “but we now have a strong mix of various types of marketing that are all providing a worthwhile ROI.”

Window Genie is proud to call Todd and Kelley Dvorak not only franchise partners but members of the Window Genie family. Their determination and teamwork is a  great example of what powers the brand. When asked what advice they would give to prospective franchisees, Todd said, “We would highly encourage future franchise owners to work closely with the corporate group to streamline all processes and procedures so there is no need to reinvent the wheel…it is imperative for a new owner to make /set a plan, stay committed to the process, stay focused on the long term goal, and do not give up!”

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Author: Window Genie

Richard “Rik” Nonelle, our Founder and President, established Window Genie as a way to offer households better, more reliable exterior home cleaning and maintenance services. Over the last 25+ years, Window Genie has grown to become the country’s largest residentially focused window cleaning service brand.